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2011 AS350B3+ TTSN: 3340 hrs
Arriel 2B1 Engine

Patric Wells: 513-367-007; patric@ewheli.com
Adrienne Robinson: 404-907-6030; adrienne@ewheli.com

USA, FAA, Registered, all AD’s and Mandatory SB’s completed

Exterior paint, leather seat coverings and forward windscreens new in September 2015.

Dual Hydraulics Increased Internal GW
Heating / Demisting System Rear Shoulder Harness’s
Crashworthy Forward Seats High Landing Gear w/steps
 L/H Sliding Door  High Vis Door Windows
 FDC Barrier Filter  Emergency Floats Complete
 Air Comm Air Conditioner  
 Garmin 430 GPS/Comm  Garmin 696 Panel Mount
 Garmin SL 30 Comm  NPX138 FM
 Garmin GTX330 Transponder  Kannad 406 MHz ELT
 Garmin 340 ICS  King HSI System
 Artificial Horizon  Davtron Clock

Airframe Component Times Remaining with Tolerance

 C Insp 08/2027 
 Starflex  2053 hours
 M/R Sleeves  3621 hours
 M/R Mast (4-point contact)  76673 cycles
 Bevel Reduction Gearbox  260 hours
 Epicyclic Reduction Gears  260 hours
 Tail Rotor Gearbox  260 hours
 Main Rotor Blades  16660 hours
 Tail Rotor Blades  660 hours
 Main Servos (Samm)  2795 hours
 Tail Rotor Servo (Samm)  2957 hours

Powerplant, Arriel 2B1 Component Times Remaining

 Accessory Box-M01  618 hrs.
 Axial Compressor-M02  618 hrs.
 Gas Generator-M03  618 hrs.
 Free Turbine-M04  618 hrs.
 Reduction Gearbox-M05  618 hrs.
 HMU/HP.LP Pump  1278 hrs.
 Freewheel Assembly  618 hrs.
 Axial Compressor Wheel  17790 cycles
 Cent. Compressor Impeller  17790 cycles
 Injection Wheel  2290 cycles
 1st Stage Wheel  12790 cycles
 Free Turbine Disc  20182 cycles
 Blades  HP 5790 / PT 8232 cycles
 Blades  HP 3069 / PT 4119 hours